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10.6um ZnSe Window (AR Coated)

10.6um ZnSe Window (AR Coated)


Product Description

Material: Zinc Selenide (ZnSe)
Laser Grade Diameter Tolerances: +.000”, -.005” for parts up to 2.000”Ø
+.000”, -.010” for parts from 2.50” to 6.000”Ø
Thickness: ±.010”
Parallelism: < 30 seconds of arc
Surface Quality: < 40/20 scratch – dig Laser Finish

Spectral Performance:
Standard high efficiency low loss
anti-reflectance thin film coating applied to both sides.
Reflectance per surface @ 10.6µm
for normal incidence <0.20%
Total finish part Absorption < .25%
Transmission > 99.0% typically